Too Cool Designs started as a hobby with a home sew-embroidery machine, later on replaced by a machine with more power and a larger embroidery surface.

Because more and more requests came for larger numbers and other embroidery materials, eventually the step has been taken to set up a professional organization. Besides sewing and lock-machines, we invested in big industrial embroidering-machines. Now we have almost indefinite possibilities for materials. We embroider on almost everything, like caps, leathers, horse-blankets, car-floor-carpets and even shoes.
The used embroidery software was also entirely adapted to these industrial machines and their possibilities.
This way the efficiency and embroidery result was improved, which ensured top quality combined with a very competitive price.
The change to these machines and embroidery software was the start of the Too Cool Designs embroidery atelier.

The focus was moved from international pattern sales to embroidery services.
The patterns used for embroidery are always designed and tested by Too Cool designs!
Too Cool Designs has become a synonym for embroidery quality, speed and flexibility combined with a very competitive price.
Nevertheless customer friendliness remains substantial and it will always be pleasant to do business with Too Cool Designs.

We hope to welcome you as a customer and know for sure that you will experience the same easy to go approach as all the other customers who have preceded you

See you soon at Too Cool designs.